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The Fettes Birthday Bobbins


Without doubt, our biggest project of 2020 was the Birthday Bobbins commissioned by one of the boarding houses at Fettes College in Edinburgh.


Current restrictions meant that the boarders were not allowed a cake to share on their birthdays so these bobbins were the alternative.

Working from a written description of each student, I hand painted each bobbin, made ties (Windsor knots!), cast individual cupcakes and painted each one, students with curly hair had seed beads applied to their heads then painted and 14 pairs of glasses were made from fine wire. To complete the 2020 look, each student was given a mask with the House logo of a bee on the front.


Before their journey to Edinburgh, I lined them all up in what may be their only complete House photo of 2020!


The bobbins were individually packed with a miniature birthday card and tag held by a wax seal for ease of distribution.


All in all, a huge task but great fun to make!

Birthday Bobbins
Birthday Bobbins
Birthday Bobbins
Birthday Bobbins - Cup Cakes
Birthday Bobbins
Birthday Bobbins
Birthday Bobbins
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