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As many of our items are custom made, it can be difficult to give an exact cost for each one so below please find an indication of prices which will be variable depending on the amount of work required.

When you place an order, after discussions I will forward you an order form with final prices for your information.

As a rough guide......(All prices in GBP) excluding delivery

Original Peg Dolls from £15.00

Dolls House Domes from £65.00

Dolls House Boxes (Small) from £55.00

Dolls House Boxes (Large) from £65.00

Tooth Fairy Boxes from £25.00

Music Box Dollies from £20.00

Wedding Box Dollies (pair of bobbins) from £15.00

Christmas Gnomes from £10.00

Bobbin Dollies from £6.00

House Signs from £40.00

Hand painted earrings £15.00

Teacup earrings £10.00

Hand painted pendants from £20.00

Wedding Invitations, bespoke wedding ornaments and favours - Price on application

Handmade cards from £3.00

Prices current as of 3rd March 2021

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