Our handcrafted specials are even more unique items. A range that is in it's early stages, but we are adding to it and new products will be rolled out here first.


The bamboo products turn out extremely well once they have been dyed and varnished and the napkin rings will look fabulous on your Christmas table.

Hand made napkin rings

The Kilimanjaro pendants were custom made to give to each of our 20 or so participants after our successful trip to scale the mountain 2 years ago. Ladies received the pendants made into necklaces and the gents received keyrings. 

Are you taking part in an organized trip like this? Why not surprise your fellow team members with something to remember the trip. Our handcrafted specials can be made not just for organized trips but perhaps a family reunion or important event.

And we've just come back from Peru! Loved making up gift boxes for everyone consisting of worry dolls, dolly and an "original" coaster!

Handcrafted Specials

Dragon Boat Family Gathering
Handmade family tree
Handmade family tree
Handmade fmaily tree
Hand made house plaque
Handmade house plaque
Peruvian keepsakes
Hand dyed bamboo pots
Peruvian worry dolls
Handmade clay pendants
Handmade Peruvian worry dolls
Hand dyed napkin rings
Original Peru coasters

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Handmade house plaque

Made to order - let me know your interests and I'll create something just for you!