2017 and Christmas


2017 has been a really busy year for us here at Foggy Pear HQ. We've really ramped things up in terms of the variety of crafts being made. Currently being based in China gives me huge access to a lot of different craft materials and I'm really excited to be sharing some of our newest products on my new website.

I'm a complete beginner when it comes to website design so you'll have to bear with me - I'm constantly tweeking it and adding new pictures as things are made! If there's something in particular that you would like to see more of, then please let me know.

We've got the CHAT BUTTON up and running so that's a pretty easy way to get in touch, but you can also drop me an email or a message via our Facebook page.

In terms of new products, my painted pendants are working our really well - there are earring to match and I've literally just finished a new collection on antique silver coloured pendants. I've got some gorgeous tea cup earrings that come in various colours and just about to start putting together some new earrings  - the basic stock arrived yesterday so now I just need to add a bit of colour!

We've also got a new wedding range which I am currently working on so look out for that in the new few months.

At Christmas we were lucky enough to get a stand at the Christmas Market in Olympian City in Hong Kong. We were there for two weekends and it was a great learning experience - we'll definitely look at doing something similar for Christmas 2018.

Up until now I haven't added any pricing to my website - mainly due to the fact that my clients are worldwide and a lot of my crafts are bespoke, but with the development of our pendants and earrings collection, there will be a price guide coming soon and prices will be displayed in GBP. For the time beings, purchases will still be dealt with via my etsy shop so payments can be made in your corresponding currency via credit/ debit cards or by Paypal.

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